School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  Top FAQs

1.   What is the course fee for this programme?
2.   Does submitting GRE score increase my chances of getting a scholarship?
3.   Is TOEFL or IELTS necessary for the graduate programme (by coursework) application?
4.   I am reaching my maximum period of candidature but I don't think I can complete my degree requirements by then. What should I do?
5.   Will my enrollment status (full-time or part-time) be reflected on my degree certificate and transcript?
6.   Can I convert from part-time programme to a full-time programme?
7.   If I miss the first course registration deadline for a specific semester, when can I register for my courses again?
8.   If I am unable to continue with my programme of study for a period of time, what should I do?
9.   How can I check if I have successfully registered for the courses?
10.   If I would like to withdraw from the programme at the beginning of Semester, do I need to pay the tuition fees for the whole semester?